Source code for edalize.verilator

# Copyright edalize contributors
# Licensed under the 2-Clause BSD License, see LICENSE for details.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-2-Clause

import logging
import os
import logging

from edalize.edatool import Edatool

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

CONFIG_MK_TEMPLATE = """#Auto generated by Edalize

TOP_MODULE        := {top_module}
VC_FILE           := {vc_file}
VERILATOR_OPTIONS := {verilator_options}
MAKE_OPTIONS      := {make_options}

MAKEFILE_TEMPLATE = """#Auto generated by Edalize


#Assume a local installation if VERILATOR_ROOT is set
VERILATOR ?= verilator
VERILATOR ?= $(VERILATOR_ROOT)/bin/verilator

	$(MAKE) $(MAKE_OPTIONS) -f $<

.PHONY: binary dpi-hdr-only lint-only preprocess-only xml-only
preprocess-only V$(TOP_MODULE).i:
xml-only V$(TOP_MODULE).xml:

[docs] class Verilator(Edatool): argtypes = ["cmdlinearg", "plusarg", "vlogdefine", "vlogparam"] modes = [ "binary", "cc", "dpi-hdr-only", "lint-only", "none", "preprocess-only", "sc", "xml-only", ]
[docs] @classmethod def get_doc(cls, api_ver): if api_ver == 0: return { "description": "Verilator is the fastest free Verilog HDL simulator, and outperforms most commercial simulators", "members": [ { "name": "mode", "type": "String", "desc": "Select compilation mode. Legal values are *binary*, *cc*, *dpi-hdr-only*, *lint-only*, *none*, *preprocess-only*, *sc*, *xml-only*. See Verilator documentation for function:", }, { "name": "cli_parser", "type": "String", "desc": "**Deprecated: Use run_options instead** : Select whether FuseSoC should handle command-line arguments (*managed*) or if they should be passed directly to the verilated model (*raw*). Default is *managed*", }, { "name": "exe", "type": "String", "desc": "Controls whether to create an executable. Set to 'false' when something else will do the final linking", }, { "name": "gen-xml", "type": "bool", "desc": "Generate XML output", }, { "name": "gen-dpi-hdr", "type": "bool", "desc": "Generate DPI header output", }, { "name": "gen-preprocess", "type": "bool", "desc": "Generate preprocessor output", }, ], "lists": [ { "name": "libs", "type": "String", "desc": "Extra libraries for the verilated model to link against", }, { "name": "verilator_options", "type": "String", "desc": "Additional options for verilator", }, { "name": "make_options", "type": "String", "desc": "Additional arguments passed to make when compiling the simulation. This is commonly used to set OPT/OPT_FAST/OPT_SLOW.", }, { "name": "run_options", "type": "String", "desc": "Additional arguments directly passed to the verilated model", }, ], }
[docs] def check_managed_parser(self): managed = ( "cli_parser" not in self.tool_options or self.tool_options["cli_parser"] == "managed" ) if not managed: logger.warning( "The cli_parser argument is deprecated. Use run_options to pass raw arguments to verilated models" )
[docs] def configure_main(self): self.check_managed_parser() if not self.toplevel: raise RuntimeError( "'" + + "' miss a mandatory parameter 'top_module'" ) self._write_config_files()
def _write_config_files(self): # Future improvement: Separate include directories of c and verilog files incdirs = set() src_files = [] (src_files, incdirs) = self._get_fileset_files(force_slash=True) self.verilator_file = + ".vc" with open(os.path.join(self.work_root, self.verilator_file), "w") as f: f.write("--Mdir .\n") # Default to cc mode if not specified if "mode" not in self.tool_options: self.tool_options["mode"] = "cc" if self.tool_options["mode"] not in Verilator.modes: _s = "Illegal verilator mode {}. Allowed values are {}" raise RuntimeError( _s.format(self.tool_options["mode"], ", ".join(Verilator.modes)) ) if self.tool_options["mode"] in ["cc", "sc"]: f.write("--" + self.tool_options["mode"] + "\n") if "libs" in self.tool_options: for lib in self.tool_options["libs"]: f.write("-LDFLAGS {}\n".format(lib)) for include_dir in incdirs: f.write("+incdir+" + include_dir + "\n") f.write("-CFLAGS -I{}\n".format(include_dir)) vlt_files = [] vlog_files = [] opt_c_files = [] for src_file in src_files: if src_file.file_type.startswith( "systemVerilogSource" ) or src_file.file_type.startswith("verilogSource"): vlog_files.append( elif src_file.file_type in ["cppSource", "systemCSource", "cSource"]: opt_c_files.append( elif src_file.file_type == "vlt": vlt_files.append( elif src_file.file_type == "user": pass if vlt_files: f.write("\n".join(vlt_files) + "\n") f.write("\n".join(vlog_files) + "\n") f.write("--top-module {}\n".format(self.toplevel)) if str(self.tool_options.get("exe")).lower() != "false": f.write("--exe\n") f.write("\n".join(opt_c_files)) f.write("\n") f.write( "".join( [ "-G{}={}\n".format( key, self._param_value_str(value, str_quote_style='\\"') ) for key, value in self.vlogparam.items() ] ) ) f.write( "".join( [ "-D{}={}\n".format(key, self._param_value_str(value)) for key, value in self.vlogdefine.items() ] ) ) with open(os.path.join(self.work_root, "Makefile"), "w") as makefile: makefile.write(MAKEFILE_TEMPLATE) if "verilator_options" in self.tool_options: verilator_options = " ".join(self.tool_options["verilator_options"]) else: verilator_options = "" if "make_options" in self.tool_options: make_options = " ".join(self.tool_options["make_options"]) else: make_options = "" with open(os.path.join(self.work_root, ""), "w") as config_mk: config_mk.write( CONFIG_MK_TEMPLATE.format( top_module=self.toplevel, vc_file=self.verilator_file, verilator_options=verilator_options, make_options=make_options, ) )
[docs] def build_main(self):"Building simulation model") if "mode" not in self.tool_options: self.tool_options["mode"] = "cc" args = [] if self.tool_options["mode"] not in Verilator.modes: _s = "Illegal verilator mode {}. Allowed values are {}" raise RuntimeError( _s.format(self.tool_options["mode"], ", ".join(Verilator.modes)) ) # PHONY Makefile targets if self.tool_options["mode"] in [ "binary", "dpi-hdr-only", "lint-only", "preprocess-only", "xml-only", ]: args.append(self.tool_options["mode"]) # Build mode if self.tool_options["mode"] != "none": self._run_tool("make", args, quiet=True) # Additional builds if str(self.tool_options.get("gen-xml")).lower() == "true": self._run_tool("make", ["xml-only"], quiet=True) if str(self.tool_options.get("gen-dpi-hdr")).lower() == "true": self._run_tool("make", ["dpi-hdr-only"], quiet=True) if str(self.tool_options.get("gen-preprocess")).lower() == "true": self._run_tool("make", ["preprocess-only"], quiet=True)
[docs] def run_main(self): self.check_managed_parser() self.args = [] for key, value in self.plusarg.items(): self.args += ["+{}={}".format(key, self._param_value_str(value))] for key, value in self.cmdlinearg.items(): self.args += ["--{}={}".format(key, self._param_value_str(value))] self.args += self.tool_options.get("run_options", []) # Default to cc mode if not specified if "mode" not in self.tool_options: self.tool_options["mode"] = "cc" if self.tool_options["mode"] in [ "dpi-hdr-only", "lint-only", "preprocess-only", "xml-only", ]: return"Running simulation") self._run_tool("./V" + self.toplevel, self.args)