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Welcome to Edalize’s documentation!

Edalize is an abstraction library that presents a common interface for different EDA tools. It supports many different EDA tools and combinations of tools working together, called flows. A flow could e.g. be an FPGA bitstream flow where one EDA tool is used for synthesis, another one for place & route and a third one to convert the P&R database into an image that can be loaded into the FPGA. Another example could be a simulation flow, where the simulator itself is just one tool, but where a code conversion tool is used to preprocess the input to the simulator, e.g. ghdl to convert VHDL to Verilog for tools that don’t handle the former well enough.

The Edalize User Guide will guide you through how to use the Edalize API to set up and configure EDA flows and use them in your project.

The Edalize Developer Guide describes how to work with Edalize to fix bugs, improve the current tools and flows or extend with new ones.