Development Setup

Setup development environment


If you have already installed Edalize, remove it first using pip3 uninstall edalize.

To develop Edalize and test the changes, the edalize package needs to be installed in editable or development mode. In this mode, the edalize command is linked to the source directory, and changes made to the source code are immediately visible when calling edalize.

# Install all Python packages required to develop edalize
pip3 install --user -r dev-requirements.txt

# Install Git pre-commit hooks, e.g. for the code formatter and lint tools
pre-commit install

# Install the edalize package in editable mode
pip3 install --user -e .


All commands above use Python 3 and install software only for the current user. If, after this installation, the edalize command cannot be found adjust your PATH environment variable to include ~/.local/bin.

After this installation is completed, you can

  • edit files in the source directory and re-run edalize to immediately see the changes,

  • run the unit tests as outlined in the section below, and

  • use linter and automated code formatters.

Formatting and linting code

The Edalize code comes with tooling to automatically format code to conform to our expectations. These tools are installed and called through a tool called pre-commit. No setup is required: whenever you do a git commit, the necessary tools are called and your code is automatically formatted and checked for common mistakes.

To check the whole source code pre-commit can be run directly:

# check and fix all files
pre-commit run -a